Monday, January 17, 2011

School Holidays are nearly over :(

Ahhh the school holidays are nearly over.  Sighs of relief and disappointment.  Contrary to many I like school holidays, I like having the children home, the less ordered routines of late breakfasts or early cleaning binges, later bedtimes and earlier risings of the children.  Can anybody tell me why children will rise at the crack of dawn on school holidays but need to be dragged from the bed on school days????
I still have the covering of the new school books to do and the name labels to put on Mr M's new school uniforms.  Yep Mr M is starting prep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh my goodness how the time has flown.  How can that tiny, or not so tiny 4.5kg bundle of newborn baby be ready to go to school?   He is just so excited. 

We had so much banking on the holidays-the day trips, picnics, o/night trips to see family but alas the weather has not complied and most of the holidays has been spent house bound.  We have done some crafting:some cloth napkins, Lego competitions, play dough, modeling clay etc  just the normal stuff. Lots of DVD watching-Primeval being the favorite as Mr J got them for Christmas and a bit of running around in the mud and rain.   P bought the materials to make a go-cart.   Mr B has been asking for a go-kart for ages and finally P has started.  I did warn him that there will be 5 more to make....  Thankfully there are no hills round here as I don't think my mumma radar could cope.

And then the floods happened.  Poor, poor people loosing everything in the floods that have hit Queensland.