Thursday, July 29, 2010


In between packing, moving and unpacking I finished this glorious vest

It is so soft.  Its hot pink with lime green trim.  I am starting another one for MrM.  P has asked for one but since the pattern is for a baby and I did some tweeking to get it to fit MsR-3 and a little more to fit MrM-nearly 5 I think I may have to do LOTS more tweeking to make it fit a 42yr old man.  ???
Still it was an easy pattern and made up quickly.
THE awesome singlet pattern  go forth and knit it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Whew!  Finaly have enough space to sit and think.  The move went good and we are all moved in.  The kids have settled in to school.  Unfortunately for MrJ and MrS there seems to be no pokemon fans at the school so they are doing their best with playing touch football at lunch.  Everybody tells me it is the best school in the area and at only 190 students is very close.  I tried to get MrM and MsR in to the local kindy but they have loooooong waiting lists, I was told I could pay $20 to have MsR put on the list but she would most probably not get in even next year!!  So no I wont throw away a non refundable $20 on the off chance.  I could send them to a daycare 30-40 min but for what?  I don't want daycare I want them to go to a good and caring kindy.  I am able to get to some meetings from an internet forum I frequent and THANK GOODNESS for that.  I went to one last Friday and I was so nice to sit with other mummas and be surrounded by real women and sweet babes.   
The house is taking some adjustment as it is a highset and of the older variety.  There are 2 1/2 bedrooms upstairs, combined bathroom toilet, lounge and huge kitchen and dinning.  Downstairs is another toilet, 3 rooms and a double garage and laundry.  Unfortunately the are no internal access stairs so we are all upstairs-the boys in one room, the girls and all the clothes in another and DH and I have the teeny 1/2 bedroom.  We took that as it has huge windows and I didn't like the idea of the children being anywhere near the upstairs windows with out some kind of guarding. 
It is good to not have packing and moving hanging over our heads.  Maybe now I can back into some serious crafting...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Packing, packing, packing

I am just sneaking in to update before going off line for goodness knows how long as we disconnect and reconnect the internet. 
Wow the things that I have thrown out or donated!?!?!  I cna't believe that I moved some stuff twice in the last 4yrs and still haven't used it, so away it goes.  And some stuff that even after living here for 3yrs we didn't unpack.  Embarrassing!!!!  Feels good to declutter, though I expect with a large family you are never really clutter free. 
Well its 2days till moving day and still have heaps to do.  I found the big things easy its now the little things that I keep finding.  There will be many boxes labeled 'odds and ends'.
My knitting is going good.  I got 3/4 of the back of the vest done and realised I had forgotten how to cast off and I had packed all my craft books and the internet was unaccessable for 2days as we had to have the loungeroom floor retiled.  Retiling completed and internet back on and I seached and found the instructions how to cast off.  Stupid me was doing it the wrong way round.  Redid it and have finished the back.  Yeah!!!  I started on the  front and got 1/2way done and one of the little blighters lost one of my needles and unpicked it.  GAH!  So back to the start.  It is relaxing to do a few rows after a hard day of packing even if I do fall asleep mid row.