Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have been drawn to the dark side...

yep after years I have finally picked up a pair of knitting needles again.  I have some bamboo/cotton blend that no matter what I tried to envision it crocheted as it never quite turned out right.  I found a knitted vest/singlet pattern and thought YEP!!! so I dug the bamboo out of an already packed box and the knitting needles out of my crochet bag and away it started.  I must say I do miss the slight click, click of the needles and the softness of stocking stitch.  One of my most treasured items is a shawl that I knitted myself many years ago with visions of flickering candle light, princes on white horses and wild romance.  None of that happened but I do have a very nice soft shawl that MrM spent the first week of his life earthside wrapped in. 
On the moving front we have packed up more of the house, decided to sell more furniture and get a new dining table when we get to Brisbane.  Poor old dining table won't see another move :(  It is so wobbley.  It is so soft and smooth on the surface as it has had many scrubbings after dried up weetbix, painting, playdough and just general dirt.  Strangley I am very upset to see it go. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the move

We are moving.  We have been discussing this for well over 18months and finally have the oportunity to do so.  Things have just not worked out for us here.  For me personally I hope that with out being constantly reminded every time I drive in to town of the hospital and what they did to me and MsR I can somehow over come this oh so wonderful ride of birth truama and get my life back on track.  Well I can hope. 
So DH was offered a job back down in Brisbane, with a house (rundown and old) with cheap rent so we went down to check it out on the 12June.  Decided there and then yep so returned home and started packing.  We want to be there for the start of school after the holidays so are leaving here on the 6July.  Oh my goodness!!! 
We have so far packed up 3/4 of the house, thrown away 2 wheelie bins full and donated 2 ute loads to the charity shops.  I just don't believe that we will get it all done. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Garden

In my garden grows....well not much :)  I try but with things being up in the air my vegetable growing has taken a beating.  At the moment I have shallots growing a-plenty and I have put in another container of lettuce.  I am going to attempt some mixed pots of cherry tomatoes.  I am trying to keep everything movable so when we do move I can take it with us.

I came across this great method of using old broken sandpit clams as planters and it really is a wonderful idea.  It is heavy but not totally unmovable when full but easy to empty.  I have 1 and 1/2 full with shallots using a sneaky cheap and free way of planting the chopped off ends and waiting until they regrow!!!!! It is brilliant.  Just leave a little more than normal on the ends when you chop them off and plant them in your garden.  I don't pull them up just cut them off and they regrow. 

I also plant the tops of the swedes and they send out leafy green shoots that I love.

The other clam shell has just been seeded with lettuce.   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lettuce and going out into the garden and just picking a few baby leaves, throw in a few of the baby swede greens and a few herbs-boy oh boy it is a wonderful lunch.   It feeds my soul and much as my tummy to wander, pick and eat something that you have grown.  It has been way too long since I had that comfort of looking out of the window and seeing the chickens scratching round the garden and knowing that a 15min stroll around will full my basket and provide dinner.