Sunday, July 4, 2010

Packing, packing, packing

I am just sneaking in to update before going off line for goodness knows how long as we disconnect and reconnect the internet. 
Wow the things that I have thrown out or donated!?!?!  I cna't believe that I moved some stuff twice in the last 4yrs and still haven't used it, so away it goes.  And some stuff that even after living here for 3yrs we didn't unpack.  Embarrassing!!!!  Feels good to declutter, though I expect with a large family you are never really clutter free. 
Well its 2days till moving day and still have heaps to do.  I found the big things easy its now the little things that I keep finding.  There will be many boxes labeled 'odds and ends'.
My knitting is going good.  I got 3/4 of the back of the vest done and realised I had forgotten how to cast off and I had packed all my craft books and the internet was unaccessable for 2days as we had to have the loungeroom floor retiled.  Retiling completed and internet back on and I seached and found the instructions how to cast off.  Stupid me was doing it the wrong way round.  Redid it and have finished the back.  Yeah!!!  I started on the  front and got 1/2way done and one of the little blighters lost one of my needles and unpicked it.  GAH!  So back to the start.  It is relaxing to do a few rows after a hard day of packing even if I do fall asleep mid row.

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bonnie said...

Hello sweetie...thinking of you all today moving...I hope you settle in ok and are all happy ;) hugs to you all xx