Sunday, June 27, 2010

I have been drawn to the dark side...

yep after years I have finally picked up a pair of knitting needles again.  I have some bamboo/cotton blend that no matter what I tried to envision it crocheted as it never quite turned out right.  I found a knitted vest/singlet pattern and thought YEP!!! so I dug the bamboo out of an already packed box and the knitting needles out of my crochet bag and away it started.  I must say I do miss the slight click, click of the needles and the softness of stocking stitch.  One of my most treasured items is a shawl that I knitted myself many years ago with visions of flickering candle light, princes on white horses and wild romance.  None of that happened but I do have a very nice soft shawl that MrM spent the first week of his life earthside wrapped in. 
On the moving front we have packed up more of the house, decided to sell more furniture and get a new dining table when we get to Brisbane.  Poor old dining table won't see another move :(  It is so wobbley.  It is so soft and smooth on the surface as it has had many scrubbings after dried up weetbix, painting, playdough and just general dirt.  Strangley I am very upset to see it go. 

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