Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On the move

We are moving.  We have been discussing this for well over 18months and finally have the oportunity to do so.  Things have just not worked out for us here.  For me personally I hope that with out being constantly reminded every time I drive in to town of the hospital and what they did to me and MsR I can somehow over come this oh so wonderful ride of birth truama and get my life back on track.  Well I can hope. 
So DH was offered a job back down in Brisbane, with a house (rundown and old) with cheap rent so we went down to check it out on the 12June.  Decided there and then yep so returned home and started packing.  We want to be there for the start of school after the holidays so are leaving here on the 6July.  Oh my goodness!!! 
We have so far packed up 3/4 of the house, thrown away 2 wheelie bins full and donated 2 ute loads to the charity shops.  I just don't believe that we will get it all done. 

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