Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Garden

In my garden grows....well not much :)  I try but with things being up in the air my vegetable growing has taken a beating.  At the moment I have shallots growing a-plenty and I have put in another container of lettuce.  I am going to attempt some mixed pots of cherry tomatoes.  I am trying to keep everything movable so when we do move I can take it with us.

I came across this great method of using old broken sandpit clams as planters and it really is a wonderful idea.  It is heavy but not totally unmovable when full but easy to empty.  I have 1 and 1/2 full with shallots using a sneaky cheap and free way of planting the chopped off ends and waiting until they regrow!!!!! It is brilliant.  Just leave a little more than normal on the ends when you chop them off and plant them in your garden.  I don't pull them up just cut them off and they regrow. 

I also plant the tops of the swedes and they send out leafy green shoots that I love.

The other clam shell has just been seeded with lettuce.   I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE lettuce and going out into the garden and just picking a few baby leaves, throw in a few of the baby swede greens and a few herbs-boy oh boy it is a wonderful lunch.   It feeds my soul and much as my tummy to wander, pick and eat something that you have grown.  It has been way too long since I had that comfort of looking out of the window and seeing the chickens scratching round the garden and knowing that a 15min stroll around will full my basket and provide dinner. 

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