Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meatball and Macaronni Soup

Oh My Goodness!!!!  Such deliciousness.  Can be as FAILSAFE as you want or not.  And it only took 500grm of mince to make a big pot that fed 8 hungry people, some who had 4ths---yes I'm looking at you MrJ!!   Definately a keeper.

Finely sliced/grated vegetables-I used carrot, cabbage, frozen peas and frozen green beans
Finely sliced shallots/onions
Finely sliced garlic
Chicken stock, about 10cups-I used a mix of chicken stock, bean stock, quick stock and water as I didn't have enough chicken stock
Mince, about 500grm-mixed with a little rice flour, seasoned and rolled into teeny little balls about the size of your thumb nail
Macaronni, about 200grm

Gently saute the vegetables, shallots and garlic.  Add chicken stock and bring to the boil.  Gently drop in meatballs in a few batches, stiring between.  Sprinkle in macaronni.  Let gently simmer until meatballs and macaronni is done.

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bonnie said...

Mmmmm sounds delicious.....I love those kind of dinners...hugs x