Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Camping, camping, camping...can be so much fun.....but not this time.  We got rained out.  We got there, unloaded and realised that we forgot to pack the saucepans so DH we back to the town to buy some.  We now have dedicated billy, stockpot and frypan.  While he was gone the kids and I put up the tent and blew up the beds.  In fact just as he pulled in next to the tent we were just setting down to afternoon tea after setting every thing up.  Gosh I am a wonderwoman!!!
We had an ok night.  We realised that we need a few more things to make camping more comfy like a table (you try doing dishes kneeling on the floor?) and more camping chairs. Perhaps a shower bucket with solar hot water heater as I have learned that none of us like cold showers.
The next morning we went off to visit the museum and steam display.  As we were driving home it started to rain and things looked pretty wet back at camp.  Turns out there was a storm and our tent was saturated along with everything in it :( :(  So at 3.30pm we made the decission to pack up and go home.  We got home about 9.30pm.  Yesterday was spent drying everything out and I have tripple the mountain of washing I normally have.  Ahhhh well we will try again next time.

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