Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A trip to the movies and a dinner out

Yesterday we had a rare treat...we went to the movies and had dinner out.  We saw How to Train Your Dragon and it was good.  We didn't tell the children about it and just told them to get dressed in their 'good' clothes.  After a few times of my saying "nope try and get a shirt thats clean"  or "I really think that shirt needs to been given to your younger brother" (It is amazing how quickly they grow)  We were ready to load up the car and get going.   MsR got a bit restless but it was a movie for older children and 2hrs is a long time to sit in the dark for a 3yr old.   We took up nearly the whole row :) :) :)  We decided to forgo the popcorn and drinks as I didn't want to spend the whole movie up and down to the toilets and we didn't want to spoil their appetites for later.....
After the movie we went to Sizzlers.  We got there early and it was empty but was packed by the time we left.  I am constantly surprised when out on the children's manners, we had a lovely time and we all came home feeling very full, well except for MrJ who even after 3 deserts still wanted more!!!  DH and I ordered seafood platters that we shared with the 4 younger non allergic seafood loving children and MrJ and MrS had the children's steak meal.  It is amusing to watch them go to the salad bar and what they choose: fruit and pickles were popular.  They have a new coffee machine and now do esspresso so I was happy too :) 
Today is a day at home with modeling clay and tomorow is vacation care for the big ones (shh they are going to the movies again) and kindy for the yonger 2.  Dh is off and we are going shopping to get ready for going camping next weekend!!!!  I love camping :)

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