Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello Kitty hell!!!!

I finally finished the little Hello Kitty I was making for MsR.  It took longer than expected as other things came up and also she kept screaming "Finish my Hello Kitty NOW!!!" at me so if I was doing it I would ask her to not scream at me and she would do it again so I would put it down.  Anyways it turned out rather well and I am doing a variation on it. 
I learnt a new technique for joining the legs to the body and how to work the body up rather than the head down and do the legs seperately and sew them on.  

As you can see I am not crash hot on doing faces :)
Pattern is here

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bonnie said...

Oh so cute Sharon I want are a clever girl!! Both Molly and Megan love Hello Kitty right now!!! Hugs,x