Sunday, May 30, 2010


Friday I went to the fruit shop and bought a few boxes of cheap fruit.  There was a box of limes $3 so I divided it into lime pickle, lime marmalade and with the few remaining I made some fresh lime cordial to celebrate my remembering to renew the soda stream refill.  Friday afternoon the house smelt so fresh and clean with all the cutting, juicing, soaking and letting the fruit to marinate. Yesterday I made the marmalade.  I made it clear and I strained all the nasty peel bits out-YUCK I love marmalade but can't stand the peel, who wants to spend their breakfast spiting out bits of pithy, bitter peel?  I set really well and tastes good.  I think there is a pithy aftertaste but DH says its OK.  This morning I had it on fresh hot Artisan bread.  Ahhhhh.  And 2 cups of good coffee.  DH went fishing so I got up with him and set the bread to rise and baking and while that happened went back to bed with a book.  When the bread was ready I made the tribe babycinos to have with their bread and took mine back to bed.  I ignored the fight and came out after to wipe the excess jam and honey off the table :) :) 
DH returned empty handed so we had vegetarian refried beans with baked potatoes and salad from the garden. 
Tomorrow I have to make the lime pickle.  Then it has to be kept for 3months before opening.  We learnt the hard and bitter, very bitter, way that is it better to wait.  So I have 3months to put up some brinjal (eggplant chutney) and sweet mango chutney and then we can have a delicious Indian feast. 


bonnie said... are so domesticated darling....I love your stories...we are on holiday to Florida tomorrow so your won't hear from me for 3 weeks woohoo! Our holiday after that will be Australia...yay!!! hugs, Bonnie xoxox

arromyf said...

Ohhh, sounds yum. A dinner feast at your house then :)))