Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Wow it pays to ask the universe and wait for the reply.  Just picked up a dinning table with chairs for only $320.  Not often do you come across an 8 seating table with the chairs in second hand places.  And it was wood.  And it wasn't knocked about.  And it had the lovely shaker style chairs so no more catching my blouses on the chair back knobs and ripping off the buttons.  Haaaaaa.  It is slightly larger than our old one so can seat 10 with a comfortable squeeze rather than a shoehorn and "mind your elbow"

Its been raining here and P has made the children their own bows and arrows.  Amazing what a piece of bamboo gardening stake and twine can do.  Oh and don't forget the bright blue duct tape.  Appartently you NEED it to stick accross your face in tribal stripes!!!

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