Thursday, August 26, 2010

Book Week Costumes

Last week I spent a busy time at the sewing machine and I think I may have my sewing grove back.  Yipeeeeee!  I have taken over one of the rooms downstairs to set up my workstation.  It is so big that I have my sewing machine, overlocker, a few big bookcases (to be used for my books, craft books and material) and a large cutting table (the old camping trellis table)  Now all I have to do is get some sort of hanging space so I can hang my designs up, put the ironing board up and a large cork board for design inspirations.  Wow that sounds much more grandios than it is or I will ever be able to produce but it is a nice area to go to and sew that I can shut to door to-well I WILL be able to close the door once I unpack a few more boxes hehehe. 
So here are the piccies of the children in their costumes for book week.  The had to go dressed as a character from a book.  There were lots of superhero costumes and princesses but there were some really good ones-like the gladiator with cardboard armour that was all cut out so the plates were overlapping. 
So here are
MrJ as a Dinotopian.  He relates EVERYTHING to dinosaurs, every. bloody. thing., so one of his favorite books is the series Dinotopia.  About a mysterious island where people and dinosaurs live together. 

MrS as Aragorn from Lord of the Rings.  He has a bit of Lord of the Ring love atm.  He is valiantly attempting to read it and for a child who struggles so hard with school work that is a huge feat. 

and finally there is MrB as a wizard.  He spent all day in his costume, bless him, all the others changed out. 

MsH didn't want a costume.  I offered repeatedly but she decided not to.

All in all a good weeks work. 

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