Thursday, August 12, 2010


Oh the lengths you go to for a sausage!   We don't do 'normal' sausages from the shops due to MrJ's allergies and the fact that we try to be a FAILSAFE family, so unless we can get a butcher to make them up for us we go sausage-less :( :(.......unless that is you like playing with playdough. 
What??  Well what you do is take your basic rissole/meatball recipe or use the one in the 'Fed Up' cookbook and divide it up into equal sized balls.  Then this is the fun part-roll them out like playdough snakes.  They take roughly the same amount of time as to make rissoles.  They have no processed, fake, plastic skins, no yukky preservatives/artificial flavours/flavour enhancers/MSG or its hidden un-named relatives just whatever meat you choose (beef/chicken/lamb are FAILSAFE), rice flour and salt.  I gently fry them in the smallest amount of oil as they do release a bit of fat as I use a full fat/regular mince (or if I'm using chicken mince I add a tsp or so of butter to the suasage mix) or slowly poach them in a little water (the water if left to go cold and skimmed of fat makes a good stock)
Tonight we are having bangers and mash with onion gravy

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