Friday, August 20, 2010

New family member.....TASHI

We have a new baby...a little English Staffordshire Terrier.  She is only 3m old and is beautiful.  Mainly black with a bit of brindle showing through.  A friend had her and due to her circumstances decided that a puppy wasn't a good idea so offered her up for a good home.  I don't know if we quailfy as a good home but we got her.  It has been decided that she will be MrS's dog-so he gets to scoop the poop. Yeah! score one for mummy as MrS is 10 and if I find a poop I call him and he cleans it up.  Wish it were that easy when MsR was in nappies :)  I get to feed her titbits so she loves me. 

Life here is full on as a neighbour also offered us his bird.  MsH has been after a pet and decided that bird was it so she is happy as well.  Rocky is a cockateil and can do a good impression as the phone. 

MrB wants a pet too but I don't think they allow dragons in built up areas??????


bonnie said...

Oh my as if the house wasn't full it though, I grew up with 5 other siblings in a big house in the forest with a ton of animals and loved every minute of it...such find memories to treasure forever!!! Hugs, Bonnie xx

arromyf said...

You are a fabulous home :) I could not think of a better place , you will have to post a picture...