Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day Stall

Just finished these for the mother's day stall at school.  They are pin cushions.  The donuts turned out really, REALLY good.  I made 6-3 with white frosting and 3 with pink frosting.  The cups of hot chocolate are a variation on the teacups and they turned out well but next to the donuts they pale a little. 
I got the patterns from here: donuts and teacup
The were really quick and easy to turn out.  I will be making more but instead of pin cushions they will have beads sewen on and then the children will have play food. 

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bonnie said...

Oh these are awesome they have patterns for mushrooms or cupcakes or strawberries...I love all of those!!! I would love a doughnut if you have any left!! We can swap something! Hugs, Bonnie xoxox