Sunday, March 28, 2010

An afternoon in the garden

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day celebrating my niece's birthday at a water park.  We left with 6 very tired and water logged children :) :)
Today the plan was for DH to get up early and go fishing, come home and we would set off for the Lifeline  Bookfest and then spend the afternoon in the garden.  Well we were woken up with heavy rain so DH didn't go fishing, poor him the world is against him going fishing for some reason.  We did go to the bookfest-GREAT!!!.  I love bookfest and we came away with a nanna trolley full of books: MrJ and MrS scored big with heaps of pokemon books.  We got home and I made a cheesey pull apart and we all sat dpwn to check out our finds.
I got a good 2hrs in the garden and now it is half weeded.  I kept finding tiny little frogs so I rescued them and put them in a safer part of the garden that I had already done, poor little things were exhausted hopping away from my whirling dervish weeding action.
Aren't they the most beautiful little creatures?  All the while I was weeding a group of rosellas were in the tree overhead chattering at me.  Not too sure what they were saying but they sure made themselves heard!!!   

Well I had best get MsR to bed, the kids are watching 'Snow Dogs' and she is tired and wanting to have a cuddle.

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bonnie said...

Sounds like you all had fun at the water park! Love the cute lil frogs!! You are good doing all that weeding! Hugs, Bonnie xoxox