Saturday, March 20, 2010

Busy day and lamb kebabs and wraps for dinner.

Today dh and I tackled the jungle that has become our front garden.  Last November we had a whole new greywater system put in and what with rain, rain and more rain the weeds took off.  Some of them would have been over the little ones heads!!  Got about 1/4 done as they were quite easy to pull up due to the fact that it was sandy not hard packed dirt.  Clouds of mosquitoes went on the attack and eventually we had to make a run for it.  Breakfast and then we took MsH to sewing and the rest of us went to the library and the dump shop.  We scored 2 pingpong paddles and a quick stop on the way home and I bought a dozen balls for $2.   After we got home we tackled the house and now the children all have tidy rooms and I scrubbed the bathrooms and toilets.  Lucky me I always get the good jobs.
Tonight for dinner we had a favourite-lamb kebabs and homemade wraps on the bbq.  Deeeeeelish.  Not many scraps left for the chickens tonight.  I forgot to buy tomatoes so there was only lettuce but it was a lovely fresh crispy one not like the bitter ones of late.  We topped it off with a yoghurt dressing.  It seems the children take after me with their love of lettuce and not Dh who thinks lettuce is food of the devil :)
Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy so a day inside hmmm might have to schedual a lego competition...

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bonnie said...

Mmmmm lamb kebabs and homemade do you make those??? Sounds delish wish we could wiz over and sample those!!! xoxox