Friday, March 26, 2010


Yesterday was MsR first day of kindy.  I wasn't sure how she would go  Would she run off and enjoy the interaction, pianting, crafts, singing, storytime?   Would she cling to me screaming so they would peel her off me and tell me to go and I would sit in the carpark crying as I heard her sobbing?  Would she be ok but later miss me and cry and wonder if I was coming back?  
She ran off and was very happy to play and said goodbye to me with a wave :)  :(   When I called later in the day they said she was having a goood time and no tears.  When I went to pick her and MrM up he came running over to me as per usual "mummymummymummy I missed you!"  kiss kiss hug hug.  She notchalantly strolled up
Me  "Had a good day?"
Her "Yep.  Did painting.  Thank you for the crackers mumma" 
Me  "Do you like kindy?  Want to come back tomorrow?"
Her  "Yep"
Hopefully it will continue and she will keep enjoying it.  We have had mixed reactions with the others in regards to kindy.  MrJ loved it at first, would run away when I went to pick him up and then decided he didn't like it and spent the next 6m crying and being very sad.  I was on the point of taking him out, much to everybody's disgust 'he needs to know who's boss'  'what about when he starts school'  'you can't let him rule you'  'he's fine he's just malipulating you'  so on and so forth.  About this time he decided he liked it again so problem solved.  MrS and MsH were OK, MrB for the most part liked it but some of the activities he didn't like (inside play on rainy days "too noisey mumma, hurts my ears")   and on those day he would be very sad and poor MrM never settled.  He got to the point where eveyday even before he got out of bed he would ask "is it daycare today?"  normally at 5am.  He was just so upset that we pulled him out.  And again peoples comments!!!   Yes because taking my 2 1/2yr old child out of daycare where he is desperately unhappy so it affects him when he is not at daycare, his stutter gets worse and he becomes extra clingy is your concern how????  Oh thats right by taking him out now at 2 1/2yrs old  he will never learn that he has to go to school/university/work and become a dole bludger????  
A new center opened up and we thought we'd give it a go.  Its a daycare but only for children 3-5yrs and after the initial settling in he is very happy there.  It helps the staff are so nice and it is a very small place, only 2 groups a day of about 20 children each.    MrM is a grasshopper and MsR is now a dragonfly. 
So here is a photo how the lunches look 6.30am on Thursday and Fridays.

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bonnie said...

Sounds just like Megan...she loves it and always wants to go!! It's such a relief when they do that!!! xoxox