Monday, March 8, 2010


Its still raining. Dh has been talking to the old sages at work and some say it will continue until mid April. MID APRIL!!! Everything is so wet, we sink to our ankles if we venture out in to the garden-thats if you can wade through the puddles. And the stench, oh my goodness the stink of stagnent puddles and mud-blurgggg. We are lucky enough to have a wrap around covered veranda so the tribe can go out and play even it its raining but the mossies are out in force. The remaining chickens are bedraggled and everything has that sticky feel due to the wet and heat.
Can you tell I am not liking the weather at the moment? Yes our tank is full-we are on tank water-but enough is enough, please let the ground dry out a little Mother Nature.
Anyway life goes on. Today I have a mountain of laundry to put away-the drier has been going all weekend. Normally when it rains I hang up the clothes outside under the veranda but the air is so muggy and damp that they don't dry, so in the drier they go.
Well I'm off to take the big ones to school.

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