Saturday, March 6, 2010

catch up

Mmmmm....did forget again. I really need to do this more often.
OK lets play catch up. I can't believe its March already. We've had 2 birthdays already with one to come next week. I know ever mother says this but gosh time goes so quickly. My eldest mrJ-is so tall, he's as tall as me!!! He got a lizard for his birthday last month. He has named him/her Colbert (after the TV comedian Steven Colbert) Colbert is cute and I am taken by him/her. That with the surviving rat-Brownie, the giant cockroaches, rhino beetle and the 6 monkeys-hehehehe we are becoming a zoo. With mrJ getting the lizard everyone is now earmarking the pet they will get for their birthdays little msR says she wants a guinea pig but I think not so I made her one instead. msH wants a budgie and mrB and mrM wanting new rats or hermit crabs. mrS says giant stick insect. He really wants a dog but we have no fences at the moment and we are a little worried about mrJ's allergies.
well I'd better be off the kids have a friend staying over tonight and there is lots of banging, yelling and screaming from the bedrooms.

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