Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still not feeling well :(

I'm struggling with this ear infection, its mainly gone but the dr thinks that due to the ear swelling it triggered   Bell's Palsy so for the last week I have had the right half of my face not working.  The dr gave me a course of steriods (horrible things: anger, pmt, racing heart, vicious vicious heartburn to name a few side effects )   and said it may or may not get better.  Thanks!    I don't know if its that or what but I have been soooooo sleepy and most days crash after taking the big kids to school, yesterday MrM had a sleep with me but MsR just perched on my hip for 2hrs and watched cartoons while I slept.  And I still crashed out at 9pm!  So apart from sleeping I have been laying on the couch crocheting.   The house is a mess.
On another down side it seems I am an emotional cook, if I am sad or sick my cooking is crap.    Last night I made a pretty passable beef and green beans but the rice OMG!!  1/2 was raw and the other 1/2 gluggy-think crunchy wall paper paste.  I am hoping I do better tonight bbq chicken with mashed potatoes and steamed veg-pretty basic and I don't think I can mess it up.  Fingers crossed.

Editied to add:  Dinner was a success!!!  I even cooked a chocolate self saucing pudding, they licked their bowls clean.

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bonnie said...

Awww hope you feel better soon the pic of the lunches and you did what was best for your kids at kindy....all children are different and need handling differently....I have learnt that with just 2...I think you are doing a marvellous job darling supermum!!! Kisses to ya! xoxox