Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birth Trauma

Today I am not doing well.  Birth trauma sucks.  The longer it gets the worse it seems to be.  Too many of my days are consumed with tears and sobbing.   
So a big thankyou to the hospital.  To dr wankstain and his amazing crew of brown nosed midwives.  To the masses of people who were allowed to view my naked labouring body.  To my husband.  To people I've met and tried to tell and been passed off.  Thanks for the last 3yrs of misery, pain, shame and humiliation. 


bonnie said...

Oh sweetie are you ok? Are you talking about your last birth with Ruth? I'm so sorry you had a bad experience no-one should have that...giving birth should be the most beautiful memorable experience. :) I'm sad for you too as it was your last :( big hugs to you sweetie xoxox

Melissa said...

HEllo - I just came across your blog while googling Birth Trauma. Just want to say - I am so sorry you had a traumatic birth. If you want some support and understanding, feel free to check out our blog, it's called "The Truth About Traumatic Birth - what you need to know on the healing journey". I had a traumatic birth in 1999, and as a result, began a group called Birthtalk with my sis-in-law (a midwife). We hold free meetings for those affected by a traumatic birth. Anyway - just wanted to say how sorry I am to hear of your experience, and that you are definitely not alone in the way you feel. Our first blog is about how hard it is for women to find validation and understanding after a traumatic birth. The link is http://birthtraumatruths.wordpress.com

Best wishes,

PS I had a look at some of your blog and enjoyed reading it. My kids, and my sis-in-law's kids, are all on the failsafe diet - have been for a l-o-n-g time, so I appreciate the recipes!

crazy mumma said...

thanks for that Melissa. I have jsut emailed you from the birthtalk site

crazy mumma said...

thanks Bonnie-you are my favorite SIL ;)
Am working on the hello kitties

arromyf said...

Hope you are having a better day today :))))

Tamara Kelly said...

Hello...yep...2 emergency c-sections and a scheduled c-section. HATE the whole thing. I try to push the memories away and remind myself that the world is self-centred nobody else will be remembering MY birth experiences. And ME obsessing over horrible, embarrasing births is just me being self centred too.

crazy mumma said...

Oh Tamara! You are not being self centered!!!!! You are allowed to feel what ever emotion you want. Never let anybody let you otherwise. If you are angry let the anger flow, if you are sad have a good cry if you are happy laugh the day away.
Nobody will remember your birth experiences you are right there but YOU do and you are the only person that matters.
much love