Thursday, May 6, 2010

I'n my post-apocalyptic world......

I am a big post apocalyptic movie/book fan.  Anything with zombies...I'm there.  Super flu...right on.  Nuclear bombs and mutants...just my cup of tea.  I seemed to have spread the disease to DH.  Yeah!!!!  I now have someone to sit on the couch with watch them.
Some of the movies that we have enjoyed
Day/Night/Dawn of the Dead stuff
The Stand-book and movie, though DH is struggling with the book.... wusss 
Dead Set
Survivors.  DH said he remembers the original, he is old ;)
Shawn of the Dead- has one of the best zombie killing scenes
Dead and Breakfast-really good soundtrack and line dancing zombies, what else do you need???  (contains swearing)
I am Legend-we are waiting on the original Omgea Man
The Road.  I have read the book and waiting to see the movie.  Wasn't a funloving take on a post-apocalyptic world.
Ohhh that Spanish one I can't remember the name of-we both really liked that one
and many more

We discuss how and where they go wrong and what we would do.  Is it wrong to teach your children zombie survival????  And to to go with the end of the world you shall all be wearing these

Yes they are crocheted slippers.  Yes they are made from ripped up old sheets.  They are very quick to make up, thrifty and comfy.  You may all laugh but when the world has ended and there is no more shoes to be had you will want a pair of these.  Honestly


bonnie said...

Now that was a funny post...seen Shaun of the dead...that was weird!! You are clever making slippers, what will you think of next! I know where to come!! Hugs to you and the gang!! x

frillypants said...

Who knew zombie and crochet could be used in the same sentence?!?!?!?!

crazy mumma said...

Zombies are everywhere........

Tamara Kelly said...

Gotta make me a pair of those! hey look better than my thongs.