Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I have been in bread making mode.  There is something about the smell of not only fresh baked but the yeasty smell of mixing and proofing it.  I have the 5 min Artisan bread 'maturing' in the fridge, yes the fridge I was really shocked why I first heard about it but it is good.  I have done English muffins-great for after school snacks as the bigger 4 can pop them in the toaster.  And baguettes.  Mmmmm baguettes.  The first batch were really nice and yummy and tasted creamy and crunchy but the next batch I over proofed and they were flat, still tasted good but extra crunchy.  I made cheesey tuna melts with them, well MrJ and MrS had cheesey broccoli melts and a big salad from the garden.  Quick-well if you didn't count actually making the baguettes in the first place-he he he- and clean plates after. 
Still working on MsH's  dog amongst other things....

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bonnie said...

I love the smell of fresh bread too! I have that recipe for that 5minute bread somewhere will have to give it a go when we get back from hols! Hugs to you xx