Saturday, May 15, 2010

Missy and Martin

I finished another project, this time I did it for me.  Much like the cat I have in my picture (no I don't really look like that :)  ) I wanted it and I did it and its mine, ALL MINE.  I have to put them high on the bookshelves so that little hands don't get them.  I haven't done their faces as I am not too good at doing faces and I am not too sure at this point that they need them.
Missy and her brother Martin are going on a picnic.  They have a salad sandwich, a hot dog, a chocolate tart and 2 strawberries
The pattern for Missy and Martin is an adaptation of the hello kitty one.

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bonnie said...

Can I come on the picnic?? These look adorable...I want some. Open an ETSY and sell them!! sweet hugs, Bonnie xx