Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Hope you all had a wonderful day.  I did.  I got heaps of presents from the children, times like this I am so happy that I have 6 children and if they come with chocolate I would like to have more :) :) :)  I love their little faces when they give you the present that they have made or bought from the mothers day stall at school.  The sachet of bath salts were put to good use-MrM, MsR and I had a bath, very squishy and apparently I had a very dirty back that needed so much scrubbing I think blood was drawn.  Notepads and handmade pots and MsH sewed me a beautiful bookmark. 
I nearly got breakfast in bed.  A neighbour had an emergency so needed to use our shower and of course I needed to  give it a quick scrub.  But it was a nice breakfast: bacon, eggs and black pudding. 
DH did roast pork for dinner.  And all the dishes. 
Really was a day for me to relax and I spent it on the couch crocheting (nearly finished Bayleaf for MrS and it is very impressive) and whipped up a quick pair of slippers.  Unfortunately they didn't fit me and so I gave them to DH, they are still a bit big but they were quick, easy and great way to use up scraps.  I will be making more.  Just in case the zombies come!

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arromyf said...

Good to see you have a lovely mothers day too :)

I will have to get the slipper pattern from you too...